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  • Mom Life Workout 9: Toddler Holding Workout

    No kid? No problem! This lower body focused workout will have your quads. burning whether you're holding your kiddo or not.

    Recommended Equipment: A child ; )

  • Mom Life Workout 8: Reptile Workout

    Lizards, and turtles, and snakes...OH MY! A special 10 minute reptile workout with moves created with the help of my reptile loving son, Quinn.

    **Pregnant mamas: This workout contains quite a few moves that are done from your belly, so you may have to come up with some of your own reptile moves...

  • Mom Life Workout 7: Animal Workout

    A fun 10 minute workout designed to bring out your inner child and get your kiddos movin' alongside you!

  • Mom Life Workout 6: Baby Holding

    A quick 10 minute workout for when your little one wants to be held and you want to get your body movin'!

    Recommended Equipment: baby with good head control ; ) or dumbbells.

  • Mom Life Workout: 5 Baby Wearing

    A 10 minute workout to help you get your body movin' on the days when your little one doesn't want to be put down! No equipment or baby/kids necessary ; )

  • Mom Life Workout: 4 Loop Band

    Don't let the name fool ya...This workout isn't just for mamas ; ) Grab your loop band and work your entire body with me and my little circus!

    Pregnancy Friendly: First, Second, & Third Trimester
    Postpartum Friendly

  • Mom Life Workout: 3

    A quick full body workout you can do with your kiddos climbing all over you!

  • Mom Life Workout: 2

  • Mom Life Workout: 1

    Full-body workout
    Pregnancy Friendly: Trimesters 1, 2 & 3
    Postpartum Friendly

    Recommended Equipment:
    Kettlebell + Kettlemate for your kiddo
    2 small dumbbells (1-3lbs) or 2 cans of food or 2 bottles of water

  • Baby Holding Workout

    Full-body workout you can do while holding your little one or a weight!
    **Baby should have good head control before joining you in this workout**

  • Lower Body Love: Baby Holding Workout

    Focus: Quads & Calves
    *No baby or weights needed to do this workout*

  • 12 Minute Bench Workout + 4 Baby Weight Moves

  • 15 minute Baby + Bands Workout

    15 minute circuit you can do with bands or light weights. Don’t have either? Try using bottles of water or canned goods as your weights.

  • Bahamas Burn

    I wanted to bring you to the beach with me for a workout in the sun & sand, but unfortunately I ended up having some microphone issues (wah wah wah).
    Even though the sound quality isn't very good, I thought I'd post it as a bonus workout in case you still wanted to give it a go ; )